Happiness – Retraining your Brain


A handy downloadable, practical resource to help you form new habits to reduce depression levels and promote happiness.  Start today!



‘I just want to be happy; is that too much to ask?’  Sound familiar?  We’ve all at least thought it, and often heard those around us say it. Happiness is illusive.  The more we chase it, the more difficult it seems to attain it.  It seems to find those who focus less on trying to find it and focus more on helping others.  Someone wrote that happiness is a choice.  Another wrote that it is an inside job.  Happiness, therefore, may not depend on our circumstances or situations, but more on how we choose to respond to our circumstances.

Happiness – Retraining your Brain

By following some simple exercises, it is possible to retrain your brain by cultivating habits that can lead to happiness.  Some of these habits include reaching out to others, cultivating a generous spirit, adopting attitudes of gratitude and thankfulness, and choosing positive thoughts over negative self talk.  This simple eBook provides some daily exercises to start you off in this direction.  Commit to practicing them conscientiously over the next 21 days and we feel sure you will notice a difference.  Remember that this does not replace your sessions with an appropriately qualified and experienced professional counselor.


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