Comfort Birds


Hand carved Comfort Bird fits perfectly in the palm of your hand

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Comfort Birds are often used to bring comfort to people who are anxious or have been through trauma.  In addition, they are used by people in physical pain, grieving a loss, or  facing the end of life.  The birds provide a smooth, comforting, tactile experience because they fit perfectly into the palm of ones hand.  

Naturally blemished comfort birds

Comfort birds have natural blemishes, which can be symbolic of our own hurts and wounds.  The natural blemishes in the wood have not not been avoided.  This is because flaws, cracks and imperfections can be a reminder that our scars and wounds give us character.  Being imperfect does not mean we are less valuable or less lovable.  Further, blemishes in the wood can serve to remind us that living with memories of, or scars from, traumatic events, disappointment or hurt, can be rich and meaningful.

A tactile experience in a time of distress can mean more than words.



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