Candles – Pillar


Quality hand poured all natural pillar candles in sizes, colours and fragrances of your choice


Pillar Candles

Hand-poured, in Queensland, Australia, all natural container candles in colours and fragrances of your choice.  Our candles burn all the way down without ‘imploding’. We use a variety of quality natural oils to provide a range of beautiful fragrances.  If you prefer unscented, we can do that too.  Candles provide a warm glow, a great ambiance – perfect for relaxation, meditation and mindfulness.  Suitable for the dinner table, the bedroom, in the bathroom, or on the mantle piece.  You will not be disappointed!

Customers have often said, “These are the best candles ever! You get your money’s worth all the way to the bottom, and the scent doesn’t fade.”


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