Spirituality fell out of fashion at about the time that psychology – “the study of the soul” – began early in the 20th century.  In prior centuries people would approach a wise priest for counsel with spiritual matters that were beyond their understanding or reasoning ability. 

The age of scientific reason brought with it a wealth of knowledge but also a dismissal of things that are unable to be scientifically reasoned, measured, evaluated or proved.  It sought to analyse and explain the mysteries of life and death, and when this was not possible, it tended to minimize or pathologize soul troubles.  Sadly, the insistence on being able to offer scientific explanation of mystery caused a great division between spirituality and psychology.  This division resulted in many schools of psychology, theology and physiology approaching healing and transformation from their own particular standpoints to the exclusion of the others.  This compartmentalization of people’s issues into one or another of these areas has contributed to the tragic loss of  viewing and valuing a person holistically as mind, body, soul and spirit.  Each dimension not only affects, but is deeply intertwined with the others.

We find that as we embrace a holistic, integrative approach towards wholeness and wellness, people are freed to consider, explore, grow and develop aspects of themselves that may have previously been closed to them.  This is not something we impose or force, but we seek to provide a spacious, gracious and accepting environment where no conversation is ‘off limits’ and mystery is welcomed. 

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