Gold Coast Counselling & Psychotherapy

Gold Coast Counselling & Psychotherapy at Let’s Talk Life provides help when facing struggles like difficult relationships, change, grief, loss depression and anxiety.  Tough situations can  leave us feeling overwhelmed by all sorts of confusing and even conflicting emotions which can impact our functioning at work, at home, and in relationships.  Some people find that their sleep is disturbed or that they become more prone to physical aches, pains and illness. The impact on important relationships during times like this can cause further stress and feelings of powerlessness.  During such times it is not uncommon for people to experience intense feelings like

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • Counselling Roomhurt
  • anger
  • fear
  • frustration
  • sadness
  • loneliness
  • confusion
  • hopelessness

This does not necessarily mean we are ‘going crazy’ or have a ‘mental illness’. Most often we are experiencing normal responses to tough situations even though sometimes it may feel like we’re going crazy.  We can help!

How Counselling & Psychotherapy can help

Counsellors and psychotherapists can help without giving advice or telling you what to do.  They offer insights and perspectives which provide opportunities to enhance your capacity to cope with life’s challenges and rebuild resilience. Counselling and/or psychotherapy can help because counsellors and psychotherapists work within clearly defined, ethical relationships. We help to explore, identify and resolve common difficulties in life, and then we give you well tried, effective strategies to help you cope.    Talking confidentially with a trained, non judgmental professional can help to reduce anxiety and distress, resolve crises, set goals for change, and improve well-being. We achieve this by facilitating understanding and awareness.  Being more aware of what’s going on internally can bring clarity and lead to an increased ability to explore a wider range of options.  It can open us up to choices and constructive responses to our challenges or struggles which we weren’t previously aware of.


Talking about life in a safe, confidential environment may be the beginning of a journey of new discoveries about yourself, others and the world.  You can do this via Telehealth or Skype in the privacy of your home, or face to face at our consultancy rooms at Reedy Creek, Ormeau or Oxenford. We want to make it as easy as possible for you.

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