Couples and Marriage Counselling

The year that Shara and I got married, we enrolled on a marriage course.  People thought we were nuts.  Surely a marriage course was to help those whose marriages were in trouble?

But we figured that if this was the most important thing we were ever going to do, we should do everything we could to stop it breaking in the first place.”

Bear Grylls, TV star and adventurer, happily married to Shara for 17 years


Couples and Marriage Counselling is about not only getting the best you can out of your relationship, but more importantly, learning how to bring the best of you to your relationship and your marriage.

Bear and Shara Grylls

Bear and Shara Grylls

We spend time and money on so many aspects of life – we weed our gardens and mow our lawns, we service our cars and replace worn out tyres, we paint our homes and replace worn carpets.  But too often we don’t invest the time (and money) in ensuring that our primary relationship is the best it can be.  Many couples hope or believe that their relationship will just get better on it’s own; that their marriage will naturally work itself out.  But with every third marriage in Australia ending in divorce, and many more long-term relationships failing, the statistics show that this does not always happen. 

Separation or Divorce can be extremely costly – emotionally, financially, socially and psychologically – so it makes good sense to give yourselves the very best chance of many happy and successful years together by consciously committing time to your relationship.  And maybe even more debilitating than separation or divorce is the relationship or marriage that just becomes a faded dream of what you once believed in and thought you would have in your future lives together.

Marriage Counselling and Couples Counselling is now offered through

CBT Professionals at Coomera or Nerang, Gold Coast (see contact details below)

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How do I know Marriage Counselling or Couples Counselling can help?

Sexual Conflict - one of the big three

Sexual Conflict – one of the big three

If you are dealing with any of these issues below on a frequent, or even infrequent basis, then counselling will help you to see the issue from a holistic perspective:

  • Difficulty communicating, growing apart
  • Controlling or abusive behaviour
  • Sexual differences – seemingly mismatched sexual wants and needs
  • Financial or Parenting arguments
  • Extra-marital affairs/relationships outside of your relationship
  • Doubts around Self-worth and Self-esteem
  • Extended family involvement

We work with unmarried couples, married couples and individuals in all aspects of relationships.  We are experienced and qualified to help you explore the struggles and work towards a thriving relationship.

I’ve been for Counselling before.  Does coming again mean I’m a failure?

No, it is actually quite the opposite.  Just as an athlete does not stop getting the advice, guidance and input from their trainer once they have run their best race to date, so the most enduring relationships always benefit from the input of someone experienced and well trained.  You can always learn more about yourself and your partner; always find ways to strengthen and deepen your relationship, and always benefit from the assistance of a professional.

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