Gold Coast Counselling

Counselling RoomGold Coast Counselling offers Telehealth, Skype counselling, and face to face counselling at Reedy Creek, Oxenford and Ormeau on the Gold Coast, Queensland.  Our services include professional Counselling,  Pre Marriage preparation, clinical and professional Supervision, and freedom to explore your spirituality and faith.  More information on each of these areas is available under each individual heading on this page.

Many therapists may not be comfortable with the spiritual dimension of life.  This means that the focus of their therapeutic approaches may be limited to the mental and emotional dimensions.  At Let’s Talk Life our services include the spiritual dimension, if you wish, because we take an holistic view of what it means to be a person.  People have hearts, minds, souls and bodies and each area significantly impacts the others.

Gold Coast Counselling and Psychotherapy at Let’s Talk Life are unique because…

We are trained in counselling, psychotherapy, psychology and theology which equips us to comfortably and competently offer services which employ all these disciplines.  While these services are available to you, it is your choice as to which services or blend of services you access.  You will not be pushed or forced, judged or criticized at any time.  We are not positioned ahead of you to pull you along, nor behind you to push you. We come alongside you to companion with you as you find your unique path to freedom and peace.

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